Jewell Gardens is committed to a sustainable tourism environment. We have been awarded Adventure Green Alaska certification in recognition of our commitment to sustainable business practices.We would like to share with you a few ways we are reducing our footprint on this great wild world

  • We recycle our clear glass back into the glassblowing furnace. Our colored glass shards are tumbled and utilized as “mulch” in some of our garden beds.
  • We strive to provide fresh, organic, local produce to the community of Skagway, Alaska. With food traveling straight from our gardens to local refrigerators, we are reducing the impact of vegetables traveling on a barge from Washington up to our community. Our gardens act as an example to show people what can grow in Alaska and we are happy to help the curious!
  • We compost our restaurant’s food scraps in our giant garden compost pile and encourage employees to bring waste from company housing, as well. We also collect compostable by-products from local restaurants and breweries.
  • We purchase recycled products and the office shreds paper to supplement our worm bins for worm castings and also beds our chickens. 

We invite you to join us in making the world a better place.